Routing(Part 2)

Episode 6

In our previous tutorial we learned fundamental concepts in Routing. In this tutorial we are going to learn Routing in depth.

Hey What is <router-outlet> ??

Is there only one <router-outlet> exists on your angular application??

A <router-outlet> directive acts as a placeholder that Angular dynamically fills based…


Episode 5

What do Routers do?

An angular application is a combined tree of components in which some components are reusable UI components and some represent logical parts of the application. Router state is an arrangement of application components that defines what is visible on the screen.

Setting up Routing in an Angular Application

Angular Services and Dependency Injection

Episode 4

Component communicates with its templates. What do we have to do where the need of data shared across components?. Welcome back. We are going to talk about services and dependency injection.

What is a service exactly?

A service is a class with a focused purpose. It has features…

Tharmi Vijayakumaran

Undergraduate @ Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa

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